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How to Get Rid of Bunions

What is a Bunion and What You Can Do To Get Rid of it

If you wish to get rid of Bunions, you need to understand what it is? Bunion by definition is a bump at the base of the big toe on the inside part of the foot.  It is the bones on the feet that is out of line causing swelling around the joint.  The toe tends to turn towards the others, causing an aching bony bump on the foot.   Although it occurs more often on the inside of the foot, it is also possible to have it on the outside of the foot.  This is called a tailor’s bunion or a bunionette.

How to Get Rid of Bunions


Bunions are painful and sometimes can result to difficulty in walking. This can be inherited.  If your parents suffered from bunions, there’s a big possibility that they can pass it on to their children.  There are cases wherein you are in a type of occupation that puts stress on the feet like ballet dancers, then maybe prone to developing this condition.  People who are naturally flat footed or has low arches could eventually suffer from this problem.

Simple Steps to Relieve Bunion Discomfort

To relieve the discomfort brought by the bunions, you can apply the bunion pad around the prominent bony lump.  Look for shoes with wider and comfortable toe box, stay away from really high heeled and tight shoes.  Slip-on shoes doesn’t give as much support as shoes with laces.  You can buy insoles that you can put inside your shoes; they are effective in relieving the pressure while walking.  Ask your doctor about wearing the night splints that can support your feet while you are sleeping.   It refrain your big toe from moving further out of line.  You can improvise with a piece of cloth or plastic that you can wrap around your foot to keep it in place.   Apply ice packs or cold compress when the bunion is sore and inflamed.

Types of Bunion Surgery

There are treatments available for this condition.  This bone deformity can possibly get bigger thus become more painful if not treated soon.  Surgery is one option to permanently get rid of the bunion.  Osteotomy is when the doctors cut the bony lump and places back your toe joint back in line.  While Arthroplasty , is when the doctor removes the joint end of the bone in your big toe.  He then takes out part of the main bone in your foot.  This procedure is recommended to patients who are older and has bigger bunion or if the damage in your toe bone is caused by arthritis.    The doctor will also fix the softer tissues in your feet; this will help hold your bones together in place.

Non-Surgical Bunion Treatments

There are also alternative treatments available to get rid of the bunion, if you operation is not an option for you.  These treatments are considered more effective if the distortion is identified at an early stage.  The main concern is to alleviate pressure and stop the joints from deforming severely.  Taping your foot will help keep it in a normal state, this will decrease the pressure and stress and reduce the pain.

Bunion Pain Relief

There are available Anti-inflammatory medications and injections, these are usually prescribed by doctors to relieve the patients from severe pain and reduce swelling.  In some cases, Physical therapy is advised to lessen the pain.  Ultrasound therapy is known for treating bunions that involves soft tissues.

Unfortunately, the only logical option to get rid of the bunions is surgery.  The rest of the treatments are basically to relieve the patients from pain and swelling.  Having the operation could totally eliminate the pain and the suffering from those bony lumps.  And for women, you can start wearing those sexy stilettos.

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