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How to Get Rid of Chest Congestion

What is Chest Congestion?

Do you feel like a sumo wrestler is sitting on your chest? Does it look like a bunch of football players just rammed right into you? Are you drowning, only that you are not under water?  Well, just as I thought, you are experiencing chest congestion.

How to get rid of chest congestion

Chest Congestion

What Causes Chest Congestion

Feeling an obstruction in our chest is as common as colds. More often, it is dismissed as nothing more than the aftermath of a long stressful day or the effect of overwhelming pollution engulfing our daily lives. A recent heartbreak might even be the culprit. However, this obscuring feeling might be a symptom of a greater problem. It would be the best time to pay your doctor a visit if you feel gasping for air every once in a while. But just in case you are caught off guard and you suddenly feel like your heart, your lungs or everything in between has been sacked and placed in a container, the following tips might do some good in alleviating that congestion before you finally take off and go to the nearest clinic.

Ways to to Get Rid of Chest Congestion

Gulp up plenty of liquids. Think of it this way, your body might have taken in too much dirt by the way you have been abusing it lately. As gross as this may sound, it can be likened to a clogged sink or even a clogged toilet. Drinking water will do a lot more than you give it credit for in flushing down allergens or mucus or whatever might be obstructing the way.

lemon juiceSay hi to lemons. You might have laughed off your grandmother’s secret remedy of hot lemon juice as archaic but it actually has some truth in it. The acidity of lemons teamed with hot water will help ease the congestion. The mucus or phlegm will react with it and you will feel an instant relief.

The old reliable remedy is hot compress.  Just  like ice which has solidified in your fridge giving you a hard time taking that chicken breast for a once in a lifetime dinner with your crush, putting a hot compress over your chest will help liquefy the obstructions. Plus, it might even feel like a relaxing spa right at your home.

Wonder pills. There are numerous decongestants available over the counter. Just make sure to get one that is reliable and safe. After all, you wouldn’t want to get rid of the chest congestion and get a migraine or worst, a devastatingly red face in its stead. Ask your trusted pharmacist for suggestions.

teaTea is health, tea is life.  Just like a hot lemon juice, a hot tea with honey will work wonders for your congestion problem.

Whatever remedy you choose to try and whatever works for you is good. However, remember to still see a doctor to diagnose the problem. It might not be as simple as you might think. Do it yourself remedies work instantly most of the time but most often, the effects do not last long. Little cars inside you might be causing the problem and in no terms are you qualified as a traffic enforcer of your own chest so better be safe than sorry.

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