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How to Get Rid of Pinworms

What are Pinworms and How to Get Rid of Them

In your biology subject, you must have encountered a lesson about parasites. What are parasites? These are a plant or animal that lives on or in another. However, in this relationship, the host does not benefit. Moreover, the host is harmed by the other.

How to get rid of pinworms


If parasites are present in animals, human beings are not exempted from having them. The most common parasite that enters the human body is worms. One worm that can do the greatest damage to the human body is a pinworm. These are threadlike nematode worms that occur as parasite in the intestines of vertebrate animals, including humans.

How Do I Know if I Have Pinworms

How would you know if you already have pinworms inside you? Watch out for these symptoms: insomnia, itchiness in the anus, and poor appetite. Children are most likely the victims of these parasites. If your child has pinworms, advise them not touch or scratch the contaminated area because it might cause more serious infections.

If you’re already having these inside your body, there are several ways on how to get rid of pinworms.

Ways to Get Rid of Pinworms at Home

I’m sure you’ve read the symptoms of having pinworms stated above. You may experience these and suspect that you really have them, but better make yourself sure by going to the doctor and take a test to check. It will be more harmful for you to treat take medications to get rid of pinworms if you don’t really have them. The test is done in two different ways: either by a butt paddle or the butt tape. Your doctor would prescribe you to take Vermox or Albenza if you’re positive of having pinworms. There are other pinworm medicines in the drug store if you think these two do not fit your budget.

How to treat pinworms naturally

If you’re the type who hates taking medicines, there is a natural way on how to get rid of pinworms. Pinworms love sugar and other refined carbohydrates so make sure you lessen your consumption of these, or if possible, take them out of your diet. High fiber foods like pineapple, vegetables, and grain will also help you get rid of pinworms.

Probiotics will also do well. Probiotics are substances that contain microorganisms claiming to be beneficial to humans and animals or to promote their growth. These boost the body’s natural protection so it is advisable for you to take these supplements.

Add concentrated grapefruit extract to your drinks. Do this for two to three times a day. Another drink that will help you get rid of pinworms is mashed garlic cloves mixed with honey. Continue drinking this for two to three weeks.

How to Prevent Pinworms

Why go through all of this when you can prevent yourself from having pinworms? Here are some preventive measures that you might find useful.

  • Worms usually enter the body when we don’t maintain a hygienic lifestyle. Wash your hands regularly. Caution anyone right away if they are going to eat without washing their hands. Avoid putting your fingers into your mouth, especially if you haven’t washed them yet.
  • If ever you got pinworms and has already taken medications, wash also your bed sheets and clothing regularly. Keep your houses clean at all times. You might get them again.

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